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Eclectic, inspired, urban geographies, complex as the debris and wreckage along the twisted paths of memory it traces, residues of times and places past. Powerfully expressive songs sweep along, inescapably, like fate dragging the reluctant, with persistently alluring rhythms and repetitions, beguiling minimalism, disrupting spasms of sound.

Onward Downward is the title of In Fervor's latest trip, simultaneously unique and familiar, personal and universal, with thirteen embedded journeys, each in their own right, each as part of the whole. The searing opener of Ground to Air pushes forward and pulls us in like one in search of an answer to an urgent question, through lonely valleys and mountainous highs like the whole album itself. We encounter the musical expression of a lyrical tangle of loss, overcoming, resolve, doubt, anger, fear, sorrow, strength, and triumph. From the acoustic guitar and cello drawn sympathetic strains of Jesus, to the mournful In The Spirit Of Self Sufficiency that feverishly climaxes as if every last drop of frustration is being wrenched and squeezed until, collapsed and exhausted, nothing is left; from the churchbell crossfade opening of the beautiful voice-driven Seething, to the crushing and triumphant return in Same Waters Twice, In Fervor offers a rigorously honest and refreshingly complex musical maze, without terminus, solution, resolution. It is a sphinx without a riddle, a mischievous collection of clues with no crime, always affording discovery and rediscovery.
- Damian A. Treffs

In Fervor News

Thanks to all who have been sending in requests and thanks to all the DJs who have been spinning the record.

Onward Downward has been getting a lot of airplay, but don't let that stop you from requesting it or playing it...

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Listen to some old In Fervor live stuff:

Siberia in NYC
18 Ager (acoustic) 128k stream
Richard performance/interview on
WXAV in Chicago, IL
The Keepin' It Real Files Radio Show (50:10) 128k stream
Richard performance/interview on
WCSB in Cleveland, OH
Elixir Is Zog Radio Show (28:59) 128k stream
Richard performance/interview on
WRGW in Washington DC
Morning Mayhem Radio Show (17:57) 128k stream
Arlene Grocery, NYC
Wheels To Turn hi   |   lo
To No Avail hi   |   lo

Arlene's Grocery Classic Album Night
In Fervor played The Cure's Boys Don't Cry album in it's entirety.
Fire In Cairo hi   |   lo
Grinding Halt hi   |   lo
World War hi   |   lo


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